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Since 2003, our unique approach has delivered fully managed content at freelance prices.

Guaranteed Quality

99.5 percent of our work is approved first time by clients. We have advanced commissioning processes, rigorous quality control procedures and an experienced editorial team. And of course we guarantee to make any adjustments you may require.


You need proof and we understand that. We are happy to create a pilot / proof of concept piece without charge. If you're happy, we'll add it to your account. If not, there will be absolutely nothing to pay and we'll simply part as friends.


We're a low overhead business. Everyone works at home so you're not paying for offices, sales people or cars. You benefit from a fully managed solution at freelance prices. Contact us now for instant pricing - you'll be pleasantly surprised.


Our clients are kind enough to take the time to provide feedback. The following are just some of their recent comments . . .


CEO, Full Service Agency

"We delivered a major eCommerce project on time and within budget. You guys were a significant factor in achieving this."



Head of Product Marketing, Retail

"Tens of thousands of eCommerce product pages and only two required minor re-work which you did for us immediately and without question."



MD, Recruitment Agency

"Managing freelancers was driving us crazy. So much easier - and actually cheaper - through you."

Our Team

Our hard-working teams of writers and editors only work in their first language. We cover all major languages with a particular focus on British and American English. With thousands of registered writers and editors, hundreds are actively working on client engagements at any given time.
Leadership Team

Leadership Team

Management with a conscience

Our lean and not so mean management team has nearly 60 years combined experience in information technology and content production. Simon, our CEO, has a first class honours degree in computer science and admits to the occasional geek moment. Jenny, our COO has spent decades working with major brands on some pretty serious business transformation projects.

Editorial Team

Editorial Team

Eagle eyed and meticulous

All work is separately checked and edited by our editorial teams in the relevant country. They come from a wide range of backgrounds from broadsheet and global brands in printed media through to boutique agency and PR. All of them are seasoned veterans with decades of sub editing and copy editing experience, ensuring that all content meets the brief and is to standard.

Writers and Researchers

Writers and Researchers

Hard working and diligent

Our writers and researchers range from part time working parents through to full time freelance professionals. As with all teams, everyone works at home and we use spare time in-between their own direct client engagements in balancing quality with affordability. So our clients get great people at sensible price points. One of the many advantages of a large team (and a major advantage for our clients over using in-house resources or individual freelancers) is subject coverage. The team, includes lawyers, HR professionals, engineers, medical practitioners, SEO and ecommerce experts and a number of writers with masters degres and even doctorates in their respective disciplines.

Brief Management System

Brief Management System

Class-leading Production Technology

No team line-up would be complete without mentioning BMS, our Brief Management System. This is our own online technology which has been engineered from the ground up in response to client requirements. It handles SEO content production, including keyword management to an unparalleled level. It also takes care of all of the administrative activity from workflow and resource management through to reporting, billing and the provision of a 24/7 client portal. Our teams have a love / hate relationship with the system as it relentlessly polices their work. But its an essential component in making a very hard job appear easy.

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