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Help your clients, friends and partners to secure decent quality content at affordable prices.

Over 90 percent of our new business comes through word of mouth from satisfied clients, friends and influencers. We are happy to pay referral fees as a “thank-you”.

How Does It Work?

As always, our focus is on keeping things as simple as possible. There are no formal agreements to sign or complex on-boarding processes. Our reputation and success relies upon us being true to our word. Since every referral partner is different, simply contact us and we can agree the best approach to suit your individual circumstances. Referral fees are based upon an agreed percentage of revenue generated for a specified period and are paid once the client pays.

Who Can We Help?

Almost anyone! Since the business was founded in 2003, we have worked in almost every major industry sector and with clients and digital partners ranging in size from sole traders through to global brands. We produce content of all types from blog posts, on-site landing page content, content for entire sites, product and category content, white papers, press releases and so forth.

Realistically, there is a lower limit because of the overhead of managing client accounts. We struggle to make a margin on clients requiring less than 5 or 6 pieces of content per month.

Getting Support

We can provide help with marketing material, summary information etc. as needed. Most of the high level information you are likely to require is here on our website but we are happy to help with additional information and sales conversations as needed.

White Label

Because we own and control our production technology, it is possible to create fully white labelled versions of our platform for higher volume partners. Just contact us for further information.

Start Today!

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