With social and business media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn continuing to grow in popularity, it’s easy to question the merit of blogging. It’s time-consuming and challenging to consistently create posts that interest and attract an audience. Social media one-stop shops allow their audiences to keep up with all of their interests in one place, but do not encourage them to engage directly with the source.

Blogging Benefits

There is absolutely a strong case for blogging as a communication and marketing tool. Blogging creates a strong link to your brand and allows you to connect directly with your audience. While social media remains an excellent conduit for networking, it is an additional resource with no particular degree of permanence, and it should complement your blogging activities, not replace them.

So, strong blog content writing is still a valid element of any SEO strategy. Creating authentic, relevant and imaginative posts will help you develop your own market and there are plenty of resources to support this.

A Few Thoughts

The following are a couple of – hopefully useful – guidelines.

  • Demonstrate originality and make the most of support from within your industry, by linking to reputable and authoritative websites. The inclusion of reputable links will also strengthen your own authority.
  • Seek assistance to capitalise on your blog. There is endless guidance out there to help you develop your blog content writing skills and to maximise search engine optimisation. If you don’t feel confident to take this on yourself, perhaps there is someone else in your organisation that does.
  • Involve your audience wherever possible. Ask them to participate in an online poll, or to propose topics for your blog content writing. Keeping up to date with what your audience really wants can only strengthen your appeal. You may even decide to develop a series of articles posted at regular intervals. This type of information can be prepared in advance and disseminated via your blog. As such, your audience will return regularly to read the latest instalment.
  • Don’t sell yourself short. Your current project or product may be ground-breaking. Share your developments via your blog and associated news or media. Publications and websites within your sector and associated fields are always looking for interesting articles that demonstrate innovation. Your current post could be just what they are looking for and could extend your reach.

The use of alternative media can help break up the monotony of writing regular posts. Consider the use of images, podcasts or video logs. Videos can be created on your own YouTube channel, reaching out to another audience.

As a last thought, try to share your passion for your particular field through your blog. Publishing posts that encourage your readers to connect in a personal way will help you stand out from your competitors and will almost certainly help you enjoy the process more yourself.

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